Indie Game: The Beard

Celebrating facial hair in indie game development

Who is this? Will Lewis is the lead community organizer and founder of the Portland Indie Game Squad, which provides events, resources, and networking opportunities to Portland, OR and surrounding areas.
Who is this? James Brown, a director and co-founder of Boneloaf, a small independant game studio with members and contributors working in the UK and USA.
Currently making Gang Beasts.
Who is this? Industry vet gone indie, Randy Greenback, is cultivator of luxurious beards and Sr. Creative Director at Relevant Games in Durham, North Carolina
Who is this? Kenny Backus (@nihilocrat), vidcon programmer, maker of SWOOOORDS and Sky Rogue. Prefers his polygons flat and sassy.
Who is this? Simon Préfontaine of Cashtronauts.
Who is this? Dominique Ferland a.k.a. Dom2D, master doodler, game developer and editor of inspiring tumblrs such as GameLogos.
Who is this? I’m Stephen Orlando, owner of Robit Studios and developer of Treasure Adventure Game and the upcoming Treasure Adventure World.
Who is this? Dr. Ian Bogost, author of Cow Clicker, a Facebook game send-up of Facebook games, and A Slow Year, a collection of videogame poems for Atari VCS.
Who is this? Kris Piotrowski and Nathan Vella of Capy demoing their new collaboration with Jim Guthrie, a game called Below, at Venus Patrol’s Horizon Conference.
Who is this? Daniel Benmergui (not of Sierra fame, but he’s obviously been there) actually comes from Buenos Aires, Argentina. Daniel also has a beard. He is making a very different puzzle game called Storyteller. It won the IGF Nuovo Award in 2012.
Who is this? Rami Ismail. Business & Development Guy at indie game studio Vlambeer.

If you haven’t played Super Crate Box or Ridiculous Fishing yet, you might have at least heard of their never ending battles with clones.
Who is this? Oh, it’s just, Terry Cavanagh, independent game developer from Monaghan, Ireland, currently living in Cambridge, England, you know, the guy who made VVVVVV and took the indie gaming scene by storm with Super Hexagon. Just him.

Cavanagh is currently working on his new game Halting Problem, which you can read about on his blog distractionware.

He also helps run a freeware website called Remember freeware? Yeah, that.
Who is this? Ted Martens, artist, indie game maker, co-founder of Hex-Ray Studios, co-creator of an awesome grid-based illustration tool Hexels.

Unfortunately his beard is too awesome to be exposed unpixelled.
Who is this? Thomas Shahan (artist for Incredipede) and I (Shay Pierce, developer of Connectrode) hold an impromptu beard-off, which doubles as a general looking-too-much-like-each-other-off.
Who is this? Marc Luck (aka Aequitas Legnahcra), designer and programmer of Desktop Dungeons; and DannyB, creator of awesome indie game music, present: a beard-staring contest. Who will triumph in this clash of facetitans?